Pledged to protect Child Health


Department of Paediatric Anesthesiology

  • To improve all the aspects of Services.
  • Like to improve Pre-Operative assessment and Post Operative Care.
  • Surgical ICU and HDU also our next plan.
  • For Academic and Service improvement- Diploma in Anesthesiology (D. A.) course will be our important plan.
  • For proper training we have a plan for rotaim duty our juniors to ICU and cardiac Anesthesiology department.
  • Over seas training of interested person for overall improvement is also our vision.
Name & Designation Qualification
Dr. Md. Jahirul Islam
Associate Professor & Head
Dr. Akhter Hossain Loban
Professor (Current Charge)
Dr. Millat-E-Ibrahim
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nazmoon Nahar
Assistant Professor
Dr. A. K. M. Jahangir Kabir
Assistant Professor
Dr. Syeed Mufti Monowar
Registrar Incharge
Dr. Kamrun Nahar
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Md. Mahabubur Rashid
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Shaikh Shaheen Sharif
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Md. Maminur Rahman
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Rezaul Karim
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Kazi Abdus Satter Mahbub
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. S.M. Obidul Islam
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Saleh Akram
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Md. Ashfaque Alam
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman Apu
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Mohammad Anisour Rahman
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Jafrin Sultana
Resident Medical Officer


  • Our services are From
  • Pre-operative assessment and optimization of the patient.
  • Per-operative safe Anethesia with fluid Management.
  • Post operative proper care and pain Management.
  • Post operative fluid Management.
  • Proper training of the juniors.
  • Academic classess and weekly scientific discussion.
  • Academic classess of the MS student and those who are placed in our department.
  • Training of the doctors from out side of CMH, BIRDEM and other institute.


We are doing everything that we can but it may not be up-to-date.

We like to improve our services and quality of Anesthesia.