Pledged to protect Child Health


Dhaka Shishu Hospital Thalassemia Centre was established in 1989 to create awareness about the disease and to give the best possible treatment within our limited resources. A floor for this centre was constructed with the help of Japan Government Fund. The centre has 20 beds, a laboratory, blood bank and counseling room. Thalassemic patients from all over Bangladesh come to this centre for treatment and advice. At present, it has 2500 registered Thalasemic patients. The centre has been visited by many experts of Thalassemia from all over the world. To create awareness about the disease and its management, seminars and workshops are regularly arranged in this and other hospitals for pediatricians, general practitioners as well as nurses. An HPLC machine was recently been donated which will help in diagnosing hemoglobin variants accurately. A DNA lab and bone marrow transplantation centre will be established soon in this centre.