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Department of Pediatric Maxilofacial Surgery

The pediatric surgery department of Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital (DSH) started its journey in 1978. It was then the only hospital in the country where surgical facilities were available for the children. In course of time, the department gradually developed to be the biggest pediatric surgical center in the country, thanks to the selfless efforts of persons like Prof. A F M Masood and his team. Even today, when pediatric surgical centers have been established at all medical colleges, and some private centers, DSH still remains the exclusive tertiary level referral center in the country for pediatric surgical patients.

At present, the department renders OPD services to around 36000 pts a year, emergency services are available 24/7. About 120 indoor beds are available in the surgical dept. and yearly about 3000 pts are admitted, of them about 2500 are treated operatively, both routine and emergency.

Surgical facilities include almost all types of surgeries, cardiac and neurosurgery which are on the cards. Emergency services are open round the clock, attended by qualified pediatric surgeons. Neonatal surgery constitutes the chunk of the load. Endoscopic surgeries are available in the dept. including laparoscopy for different diseases, colonoscopy and Cystoscopy. More than 250 laparoscopic surgeries have been performed in the dept. since its introduction in 2007. There are 3 units at present, Unit-I; Pediatric surgery & burn & reconstructive unit; Unit-II: Pediatric Surgery & neonatology; Unit:III: Pediatric Surgery & urology. The burn unit has facilities of use of radiation sterilized amniotic membrane to cover the burn wounds. Neonatal surgery constitutes the chunk of the load. Almost all types of urological surgeries are preformed in the department.