Overview of the Department

The Paediatric Cardiology Unit of Dhaka Shishu Hospital was started in 1988 to provide treatment, control and prevention of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart disease and other childhood cardiac problems. The unit was upgraded as Paediatric Cardiac Center from January 2012 and was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Outdoor facilities:

We have OPD follow up room where new and follow-up patients are seen. We have total 14 Medical officers (9 in cardiology and 5 in cardiac surgery) to follow up the patient in OPD by rotation.

Indoor services:

There are total 38 beds in cardiology unit among them 18 are paying and 20 are non-paying. Other than these 38 beds, patients are also admitted in different paying wards, cabin and day care health center.

Specialized indoor services:

Cardiac ICU: Cardiac 1CU, as a part of Pediatric Cardiac Centre started its activities on 14th March, 2012. We have 7 bed specialized cardiac ICU facilities among them 6 paying bed and 1 Non-paying bed where medical treatment is provide in any critically ill congenital or acquired heart disease patients. The PICU is equipped tO provide the highest complexity therapies and dealing with all aspect of acute and critical paediatric cardiac problems.

Cathiab: The Cathlab of Dhaka Shishu Hospital is a dedicated lab providing safe and effective diagnostic and interventional catheterization procedures. It started its activity since 28th April 2013. This is the only dedicated cardiac cathiab for neonate, children and adolescent & has performed more than six hundred procedures like device closure of ASD, VSD, PDA, PDA stenting, balloon pulmonary & aortic valvuloplasty, coartoplasty, pericardiocentesis till date. Beside these Dhaka Shishu Hospital regularly organizes workshop on different intervention procedures. Senior & experienced paediatric cardiologist from abroad proctor the workshop. So far 12 such workshops has been successfully completed.

Post Cath ICU: Pos cath ICU has 4 beds and deals with monitoring after cardiac interventional procedure.

Cardiac Surgery: Paediatric cardiac surgery was started from 2012 and performed 400 procedures till date. Surgical closure of ASD, VSD, ligation of PDA, total correction of TOF, DORy, DCRV, PS and bidirectional Glenn shunt etc is now going on.

Recovery Unit: Recovery unit has 5 beds which deals with post cardiac surgery patients. All beds are equipped with electrocardiographic monitoring.

Academic staff of the Department:

Name & Designation
Prof. Manzoor Hussain
Professor, Head of the Department of Cardiology.
Dr.Rezoana Rima
Associate Professor
Dr. Abu Sayed Munsi
Associate Professor
Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun
Associate Professor
Dr. Mahbubur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Abu Sayeed
Assistant Professor
Dr. Abdul Jabbar
Registrar, Cardiac ICU
Dr. Dilruba Ibrahim Dipti
Registrar, Cardiology
Dr. Khalid Ebna Shahid Khan
Registrar, Cardiology
Dr. Khalifa Mahmud Tank
Consultant, Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Kazi Zahidul Haque
Assistant Professor, Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Masumul Gani Chowdhury
Assistant Professor, Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Md. Iqbal
Consultant, Cardiac Anesthesia
Dr. Mohammad Makbul Hossain
Consultant, Cardiac Anesthesia