Pledged to protect Child Health


Department of Ticket
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1OPD Ticket60.00
2Emergency Ticket120.00
3Dental Ticket120.00
4Follow-up Ticket60.00


Department of ECG
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1ECG Charge500.00
2Echocardiography Charge2,400.00
3EEG Charge (OPD, Paying & Cabin)1,800.00
4EEG Charge Non-Paying1,000.00


Department of Hospital
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1Incubator Charge ( Isolation Ward)1,500.00
2Incubator Charge ( Ward-3)700.00
3Phototherapy Charges300.00
4Oxygen Charge VVIP Cabin ,VIP Cabin, PICU, NICU, CICU, CCND, HD & I and Cardiac Post Cath700.00
5Oxygen Charges (Normal Cabin)400.00
6Oxygen Charges (All Paying Ward)300.00
7Post Operative Care Charge (Per Hour)200.00
8Nebulizer (One time)200.00


Department of Dental
Sl. No.Treatment Particulars or Dental Surgery ProceduresPresent Rate
1Extraction (Loose tooth)100.00
2Extraction (under local anesthetic injection)150.00
3Abscess Drainage150.00
4Incision for under eruption tooth300.00
7Minor Surgical Procedure850.00
8(T.F) Temporary Filling300.00
9G.I.F – Cl–I (Glassionomer Filling)400.00
10G.I.F – Cl–II (Glassionomer Filling)600.00
11S.A.F –Cl–I (Silveralloy Filling)450.00
12S.A.F –Cl–II (Silveralloy Filling)600.00
13Pulp Capping (Per tooth800.00






(Per tooth)









(Per tooth)









(Per tooth)









(Per tooth)



18LSTR Treatment850.00


Department of Physiotherapy
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1Nerve conduction Test (NCT)360.00
2Muscle stimulation (M.S)150.00
3Ultrasound Therapy (U.S.T)150.00
4Interferential Therapy (I.F.T)150.00
5Intermittent (Cervical)


Traction (C.T)

6Quadriceps Exercise (Q.E)75.00
7Moist Heat (M.H)150.00
8Paraffin Bath (P. Bath)200.00
9Micro-Wave Diathermy (M.W.D)150.00
10Whirl Pool Bath (W. Bath)150.00
11TNS (Pointron)120.00
13Exercise (Out door)150.00
14Exercise/ Physiotherapy (All ICU,VVIP,VIP Cabin, CCN & D,HD & I) Non-VIP Cabin300.00
15Exercise/ Physiotherapy  All Paying Ward150.00


Department of X-Ray
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1X-Ray Abdomen ( One Film)500.00
2X-Ray Abdomen ( One Film (Non- Paying)300.00
3X- Ray Ankle Joint  (Two View)700.00
4X- Ray Ankle Joint  (Two View) (Non- Paying)350.00
5X- Ray Barium Meal Follow Through1500.00
6X- Ray Barium Meal Follow Through (Non- Paying)700.00
7X- Ray Barium Meal of Stomach & Doudenum1500.00
8X- Ray Barium Meal of Stomach & Doudenum (Non- Paying)700.00
9X- Ray Barium meal in T- Position1500.00
10X- Ray Barium meal in T- Position (Non- Paying)700.00
11X- Ray Barium Clearance of the Colon1500.00
12X- Ray Barium Clearance of the Colon(Non- Paying)700.00
13X- Ray Barium Swallow of the Esophagus1500.00
14X- Ray Barium Swallow of the Esophagus (Non- Paying)700.00
15X- Ray Babygram / Infontogram600.00
16X- Ray Babygram / Infontogram (Non- Paying)350.00
17X- Ray Clavicle Joint  B/V700.00
18X- Ray Clavicle Joint  B/V (Non- Paying)350.00
19X- Ray Cervcle Spine B/V1000.00
20X- Ray Cervcle Spine B/V (Non- Paying)500.00
21X- Ray Chest PA or AP (One Film)500.00
22X- Ray Chest PA or AP (One Film) (Non- Paying)300.00
23X- Ray Chest PA & Lat Film  (Two Film)700.00
24X- Ray Chest PA & Lat Film  (Two Film) (Non- Paying)350.00
25X- Ray Double Contrast Examination of large Gut (Colon)1500.00
26X- Ray Double Contrast Examination of large Gut (Colon) (Non- Paying)720.00
27X- Ray Dorsal Spine B/V1000.00
28X- Ray Dorsal Spine B/V (Non- Paying)500.00
29X- Ray Distal Loopogram1500.00
30X- Ray Distal Loopogram (Non- Paying)700.00
31X- Ray Distal Coologram1500.00
32X- Ray Distal Coologram (Non- Paying)700.00
33X- Ray Antigrate Naphrogram1500.00
34X- Ray Antigrate Naphrogram (Non- Paying)700.00
35X- Ray Elbow Joint (one film – two view)700.00
36X- Ray Elbow Joint (one film – two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
37X- Ray Elbow Joint ( two view)700.00
38X- Ray Elbow Joint ( two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
39X- Ray Foot (one film)700.00
40X- Ray Foot (one film) (Non- Paying)350.00
41X- Ray Foot (two view)700.00
42X- Ray Foot (two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
43X- Ray Hand (one film)  B/V700.00
44X- Ray Hand (one film)  B/V (Non- Paying)350.00
45X- Ray Hand (two view)700.00
46X- Ray Hand (two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
47X- Ray Invertogram / Cross table lat view700.00
48X- Ray Invertogram / Cross table lat view (Non- Paying)350.00
49X- Ray IV Urography  (IVU)1500.00
50X- Ray IV Urography  (IVU) (Non- Paying)700.00
51X- Ray IVU with MCU3000.00
52X- Ray IVU with MCU (Non- Paying)1500.00
53X- Ray IVU with late film1500.00
54X- Ray IVU with late film (Non- Paying)700.00
55X- Ray KUB (one film)500.00
56X- Ray KUB (one film) (Non- Paying)300.00
57X- Ray Knee joint (one film) B/V700.00
58X- Ray Knee joint (one film) B/V (Non- Paying)350.00
59X- Ray Knee joint (two film- two view)1000.00
60X- Ray Knee joint (two film- two view) (Non- Paying)300.00
61X-Ray Lumbo Sacral Spine  B/V1000.00
62X-Ray Lumbo Sacral Spine  B/V (Non- Paying)500.00
63X- Ray Lower Limbs AP film (one film)600.00
64X- Ray Lower Limbs AP film (one film) (Non- Paying)300.00
65X- Ray MCU1500.00
66X- Ray MCU (Non- Paying)700.00
67X- Ray Mastoid (two view)700.00
68X- Ray Mastoid (two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
69X- Ray Mastoid (Lateral view)500.00
70X- Ray Mastoid (Lateral view) (Non- Paying)300.00
71X- Ray Mandible Oblique view700.00
72X- Ray Mandible Oblique view (Non- Paying)300.00
73X- Ray Mastoid  Towns. Stenvers View700.00
74X- Ray Mastoid  Towns. Stenvers View (Non- Paying)300.00
75X- Ray Nasopharynx500.00
76X- Ray Nasopharynx (Non- Paying)300.00
77X- Ray Nasal bone  lateral view500.00
78X- Ray Nasal bone  lateral view (Non- Paying)300.00
79X- Ray Pelvis (One film)500.00
80X- Ray Pelvis (One film) (Non- Paying)300.00
81X- Ray PNS (one film)500.00
82X- Ray PNS (one film) (Non- Paying)300.00
83X- Ray Per Operative Cholangiography1500.00
84X- Ray Per Operative Cholangiography (Non- Paying)700.00
85X- Ray Portable per plate850.00
86X- Ray Portable per plate (Non- Paying)450.00
87X- Ray Rethrograde urethrogram1500.00
88X- Ray Rethrograde urethrogram (Non- Paying)700.00
89X- Ray Skull (one film)500.00
90X- Ray Skull (one film) (Non- Paying)300.00
91X- Ray Skull (two film – two view)1000.00
92X- Ray Skull (two film – two view) (Non- Paying)400.00
93X- Ray  Shoulder Joint (one film) B/V700.00
94X- Ray  Shoulder Joint (one film) B/V (Non- Paying)350.00
95X- Ray  Shoulder Joint (two film- two view)1000.00
96X- Ray  Shoulder Joint (two film- two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
97X- Ray Small Bowel Enema1500.00
98X- Ray Small Bowel Enema (Non- Paying)700.00
99X- Ray Sinogram1500.00
100X- Ray Sinogram (Non- Paying)700.00
101X- Ray Sella Turcica (one film)500.00
102X- Ray Sella Turcica (one film) (Non- Paying)300.00
103X- Ray  Soft Tissue Neck A/P Lateral700.00
104X- Ray  Soft Tissue Neck A/P Lateral (Non- Paying)350.00
105X- Ray  T M Joint (Open & Close mouth)700.00
106X- Ray  T M Joint (Open & Close mouth) (Non- Paying)350.00
107X- Ray Wrist Joint (one film) B/V700.00
108X- Ray Wrist Joint (one film) B/V (Non- Paying)350.00
109X- Ray Wrist Joint (two film- two view)1,000.00
110X- Ray Wrist Joint (two film- two view) (Non- Paying)350.00
111X- Ray Normal Chest300.00
112X- Ray Normal Chest (Non- Paying)220.00
113X- Ray Normal Chest  B/V440.00
114X- Ray Normal Chest  B/V (Non- Paying)300.00
115X-Ray Barium Swallow and  Meal Follow Through3,000.00


Department of Pathology
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1Total Serum Bilirubin180.00
2Direct Bilirubin180.00
3Blood Urea200.00
4Blood Sugar120.00
5Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)400.00
6Serum Cholesterol240.00
7Serum Creatinine240.00
8Serum Alkaline Phosplatase240.00
11Serum Calcium (Ca)240.00
12Serum Protein240.00
13Serum Albumin240.00
14Serum Total Protein & Albumin with A.G. Ratio360.00
15Liver Function Test800.00
16Serum Uric Acid240.00
17Serum Inorganic Phosphate300.00
18CRP (C-Reactive Protein)540.00
19Bile Salt in Urine200.00
20Uribilinogen in urine200.00
21Urine for Hemoglobin200.00
22Urinary Osmolarity480.00
2324 hrs Urine Phosphate /Uric Acid/Calcium300.00
25Haemoglobin (Hb)80.00
27Platelets Count –done by cell counter machine300.00
28Circulatory Eosinophil – done by cell counter machine300.00
29CBC with Peripheral Blood Film –300.00
30Blood for Malarial Parasite (MP)80.00
31Blood for Microfilaria80.00
32PCV – done by cell counter machine300.00
33Stool/ Urine Routine Examination90.00
34Occult Blood Test200.00
35Urine Albumin80.00
36Total Protein in Urine (24 hrs.)300.00
37L.E. Cells180.00
38Bone Marrow Aspiration and Examination (Paying)900.00
39Bone Marrow Aspiration and Examination (Non-Paying)450.00
41Prothrombin Time300.00
42Hb, Electrophoresis / HPLC (paying)1000.00
43Hb, Electrophoresis / HPLC  (Non-paying)500.00
45FNAC/FNAB, Non guided.500.00
46FNAC/FNAB, guided700.00
47Blood Bag with Set, Cross Matching and Screening (Paying)750.00
48Blood Bag with Set, Cross Matching and Screening (Non-Paying)400.00
49Platelet Separation (Paying, Cabin & OPD)1500.00
50Platelet Separation (Non-Paying)720.00
51Blood Gas (Paying)600.00
52Blood Gas (Non Paying)300.00
53Protein – Creatinine ratio (Urine)360.00
54Calcium – Creatinine ratio (Urine)360.00
55S. Ferritin (Paying & OPD)850.00
56S. Ferritin (Non-Paying)450.00
59S. Ammonia (Paying)700.00
60S. Ammonia (Non-Paying)360.00
61S. Lactate (Paying)960.00
62S. Lactate (Non-Paying)480.00
63Blood bag with Set,Cross matching, screening and Packed cell (Paying)960.00
64Blood bag with Set, Cross matching and packed cell(Non-Paying)480.00
65Blood grouping (ABO & Rh)150.00
66Cross matching150.00
67Cross matching with screening360.00
68Direct Coomb’s Test360.00
69Indirect Coombs Test360.00
70Direct & Indirect Coomb’s Test600.00
71Trephine biopsy of Bone Marrow2000.00
72Reticulocytes Count.90.00
73Clotting Time (CT)90.00
74Bleeding Time (BT)90.00
75Sugar Test in Urine80.00
76S. Electrolytes (Paying  )540.00
77S. Electrolytes (Non-Paying)0.00
78HBsAg (Elisa Method ) (Paying  )540.00
79HLA-B27 (Paying  )1680.00
80HLA-B27 (Non-Paying  )840.00
81HBsAg (Elisa Method ) ( Non-Paying  )240.00


Department of Microbiology
Sl. No.InvestigationPresent Rate
1Widal Test300.00
2Febrile Antigen/ Triple Antigen600.00
3ASO Titre200.00
4RA Test200.00
5VDRL Test150.00
6ICT for HBsAg300.00
7ICT for Kalazar400.00
8ICT for Malaria850.00
9ICT for Filaria1,000.00
10ICT for HIV300.00
11ICT for HCV300.00
12ICT for Dengue NS1Ag850.00
13Dengue            Igm



14ICT for TB450.00
15CSF for Cytology450.00
16CSF for Analysis600.00
17CSF for Analysis (OPD)450.00
18CSF for Gram Stain100.00
19CSF for AFB Stain100.00
20CSF for Bacterial Antigen (Latex Agglutination Test720.00
21CSF for C/S300.00
22All C/S (Pus, Wound Swab, Urine, Stool, etc)300.00
23Skin Scraping for Fungus150.00
24Gram Stain150.00
25AFB Stain150.00
26Blood C/S720.00
27Others C/S300.00


Paediatric Surgery Operation Charges
Sl. No.CategoriesPresent Rate
1All Major Operations12,000.00
2All Intermediate Operations9,500.00
3All Minor Operations under general Anaesthesia5,000.00
4Special Operations like


Oesophageal Atresia; Biliary Atresia; Resection Anastomosis, PSARP for ARM; Pull through for HD,Repair of Diaphragmatic Hernia, Extrophy bladder.

5All OPD Cases under general anaesthesia.5,000.00
6All OPD Cases under Local anaesthesia.800.00 – 1,600.00
7Dressing/Stich off/ Others  (Paying)120.00


Neurosurgery Operation Charges
Sl. No.CategoriesPresent Rate
1Major Operations18,000.00
2Intermediate Operations12,000.00
3Minor Operations6,000.00


ENT Operation Charges
Sl. No.CategoriesPresent Rate
1Major Operations10,000.00
2Intermediate Operations8,000.00
3Minor Operations /FB removed Under G/A3,000.00
4FB nose /throat700.00


Cardiac Surgery Charges
Sl. No.CategoriesPresent Rate
5Others Open Heart Surgery1,45,000.00


Cardiac Cath Lab Charges
Sl. No.CategoriesPresent Rate
1Cardiac Cath (Right Heart Cath + Left Heart Cath),


Cerebral Angiography (DSA)

Renal Angiogram and other Angiogram

2Pericardial Fluid Aspiration (Diagnostic)6,000.00
3Renal Angiogram10,000.00
4Pericardial Fluid Aspiration (Therapeutic)10,000.00
5Balloon Atrial Septostomy18,000.00
7Aortic Valvuloplasty35,000.00
8ASD Device Closure30,000.00
9PDA Device Closure30,000.00
10VSD Device Closure30,000.00
11MAPCA Coiling20,000.00
12Coarctation ballooning35,000.00
13Mitral Valvoplasty35,000.00
14Temporary Pacemaker6,000.00
15PDA Stenting30,000.00
16PDA Coiling30,000.00


CDC Charges
Sl. No.CategoriesPresent Rate
1GDA (General Developmental Assessment)300.00
2PA (Psychological Assessment)300.00
3FU (Follow Up)100.00